Department of trucking is one of the main activities of our company. Given the nature of the goods, the amount, and the route, we will develop the most rational scheme of delivery anywhere in Russia to the door of the customer. Customs broker RWS renders services on road transport of goods and cargo, freight forwarding and customs clearance.

International road transport of goods – is the best way to transport goods by various factors: the “price – quality”. International transport of goods – is the most sought after form of transportation. In this case, the goods can be delivered from point to point of a motor vehicle, and can be used and multimodal scheme.

International road transport of goods – is the ability to order container transportation on the principle “from door to door”, and the implementation of fast and quality execution teams traffic.

At the same time, we provide full legal support. The command RWS consists of experienced international lawyers who have extensive experience and knowledge for perfect order fulfillment.

Is there a need for armed protection or freight forwarding? No problem! We undertake a full service cargo from acceptance – before being put into a specified location. International road transport of goods from RWS – is absolute reliability. We guarantee the safety of the cargo, as well as the optimal route of your cargo to fall into your hands as soon as possible.

We provide international cargo transportation on modern technologies, which means that your shipment will be tracked on a world map. With 100 percent accuracy, you are able to know what is going on with the load at any given time and at what point in the route it is located.

If you want details, the nuances, the calculation of the cost of the path or tariffs, then dial the phone number of our operators – and they are competent to answer any of your questions, or fill in the form.