Front rail is one of the main activities of our company. Given the nature of the goods, the amount of the party, and the route we will develop the most efficient scheme for the cost of delivery

Company RWS provides international rail freight.

We offer clients a full range of services related to the organization of international rail freight:

  • rail freight wagons, open wagons, containers, refrigerated sections and tanks;
  • rail transportation of oversized, bulky, and specific hazardous goods;
  • transit international railway transport of goods;
  • Registration of transport and customs documents;
  • insurance of goods transported;
  • providing support and protection of transported goods;
  • loading and unloading;
  • placing the goods transported to storage areas in places of transhipment;
  • Overload eurocars cargo at border crossings – a change of wheel sets;
  • control the passage of goods on a specified route on-line.

Experienced professionals working in the company RWS think over all the nuances associated with the passing of the goods and the need for additional services.