Orders and delivery services

RWS mediates the purchase and delivery of goods to the U.S.from Canada and EU countries. Our objective is intended to work in the interests of the buyer, not the seller, so we offer you the best prices and delivery terms for today.

Our clients – citizens of USA, which are interested to get the required quality and quantity of materials at the right time in the right place, from a supplier in a timely manner to meet its liabilities, with good service (before the sale, and after it) and the best price. Even with the delivery of our services and this purchase will save you a large amount of money, and you get a guaranteed protection from scams and unscrupulous sellers delivery commodity losses conventional services.

Our experts will help you choose the item to a reliable company. To do this, you need to place a request for the item is.

An important requirement of any form of search requests and prices would be that the date of filling, the product description, catalog number, manufacturer, year of manufacture, serial number, machine number, the desired date of delivery, or any other information that may help in finding this product.

RWS also help you to choose the supplier and will offer various options for delivery. The function controls the execution order is required. On request, we can provide services in freight forwarding and shipping it to the specified address.

Our experts will help in the implementation of your imports / exports.

If you have any questions about the purchase, payment and delivery of goods to the U.S.,from Canada and the European Union, please contact us for advice.