Front air travel is one of the main activities of our company. Given the nature of the goods, the amount of the party, and the route we will develop the most rational scheme delivery in the shortest possible time.

Reducing the time for delivery of goods, reduction of losses during transport has a great impact on the overall efficiency and profitability of companies.

Air freight to USA

If you need international air cargo or air cargo in USA, – go to RWS. After receiving your application, management companies will give you a list of documents required for air cargo. To calculate the value of the services you can use a special form on our website. Our professional managers will develop the optimal route of delivery, they will select the appropriate regular or charter flights. On request forwarding service RWS takes the weight from your warehouse, brings own transport to the airport and will put it on a plane. If necessary, will provide support in the way of cargo and transport to storage in the country of destination.

After agreeing on the cost of air freight and value added services, our managers will provide you with an invoice for payment, will report the address to which you want to deliver the goods.

We offer our clients:

  • international air cargo scheduled and charter flights of US and foreign airlines;
  • air cargo in USA;
  • Documentary services and customs clearance, tracking on the way, including oversized, dangerous and other specialty goods.

All the necessary documents for international air cargo will be developed in line with international rules. We will deliver your goods at a point in the world quickly and in compliance with all formalities.