The company operates in the field of customs clearance of goods, vehicles and special equipment to deliver them to the customer, as well as the purchase and delivery of goods from abroad.

Our company provides a full range of transportation and customs services in the USA.

If required, assist in product certification, and to obtain other required documents for customs clearance. Availability of skilled professionals in the company can provide services consulting nature of shipping and customs clearance.

All employees of the RWS have qualification certificates. Their professionalism allows perfect orientation in the ever changing market of cargo transportation and logistics, and quality to provide a package of services, depending on customer needs. We’ll take all the hassle associated with customs procedures, pick HS codes for your goods and the Customs declaration and customs clearance department specialists will ensure the speedy passage of clearance procedure.

Thus, we provide you with maximum comfort for the implementation of supply. Due to high professionalism of our employees and the experience of our company in the field of customs clearance, we guarantee you quick answer to all customs. In addition, we will help you to make secure the acquisition of goods from the Russia, Asian countries, the EU, and deliver the goods.

RWS customer oriented company. Our goal – to provide excellent service.

You will not find in our company standard approach, dry solutions. Each project for us, our partners and the individual finds personal decision. We are taking an airplane and the container.

We carry big loads and small, to plan and to a certain day … It all depends on the request.

We work for you.